Party Themes

Descpicable Me 3!

Natalia turned 3 and we decided to go for a Descpicable me theme.
It was fun! The invite was created using the minions. Pictures compliments of Universal and the web.


Then I went further to create a little label for the juice bottle.

Drink bottle label

For the party buckets I incorporated the same colours and added Natalias pic with a Thank you message.

Party bucket label
The cup cake holders i downloaded from the web (cheating because of time)
Cup Cake toppers

Thanks to family and friends I managed to get a few shots of the set up on the day.

Josh Toy Story Party

Here we used Buzz, Woddie and Jessie as the main theme for Josh 2nd Party.
Again using the same principle, I just recreated the toy story logo using Joshua Turns 2.
Worked out quite well, even though his name is a little longer than Toy.
Proportinally it looked good.

Bottle label
Party Bucket

This time I created the cup cake toppers myself. Yay me!
Photos of the day.

Kairav Cars Theme

There will come a time when every boy will want a Cars theme. Not only is it really striking but also fun to create. I compiled the logo with the cars theme emblem which was downloadable off the web. With a few magic tricks I created the same silver lining effect to mimic the original, ok not quite but almost there.
Cup Cake toppers

Bottle label