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We offer Graphic and Web design services at competitive prices without compromising on excellence and efficient workflow. We are currently upgrading our site. Here listed are a few of our past projects.
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Effective design.

When a client asks for a design, they may have a precise idea of what they are looking for. That in some cases works to a designers advantage as there is little time spent going back and forth and setting up meetings to brainstorm ideas. But in some cases the client has no clue, no idea of what colours, fonts, style, size they want. They have not even done homework of whom the target market is of whom their competitors are. This leaves loads of room for wasted time creating samples and rough designs for a client that may not like a single element you present. What then? Back to the drawing board. Client needs to have all areas covered before he sees the designer. Make sure a check sheet is sent to client covering areas the client may not have thought out.  Then once the designer sees it so they can have a rough idea of what the client needs before putting pen to paper or mouse to art-board as some would say. Lesson learnt.